Woodruff Park
Posted by Bucky 2 Fingers (+37) 18 years ago
Anybody know the status of Woodruff Park? I know what it used to be and about all the unfortunate vandalism it was subject to years ago. Is it still public(county ) property and can it still be used for recreation. Or was it too much of a pain in the rear end to keep fixing up etc. It seems with fuel prices the way they are that locals might be more interested in some recreation a little closer to home.
Posted by Chad (+1761) 18 years ago
Woodruff is still there, but the County keeps it locked up most of the time. You can check out a key and use it with permission.

Woodruff is one of the parks I'd eventually like to see taken over by a Countywide Parks District. I think both Spotted Eagle and Woodruff are very under-utilized and poorly developed and poorly maintained. They really could be much more important to the area if they got the attention they deserve.
Posted by Rick Kuchynka (+4461) 18 years ago
I don't think Woodruff is locked unless they very recently started locking it. I go out there fairly often. There's no sign on the highway like there used to be. There's a green metal gate, but I've never seen a lock on it. You can tell where it is because there's two wooden posts sticking out of the ground where the woodruff park sign used to hang. (Somewhere around the 13 mile marker I think, or maybe its 15)

It is a county park, but it was/is BLM land. I'm not sure how the arrangement works out exactly. I'm always amazed at the sheer lack of people I ever see out there, though.

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Posted by MCGirl (+296) 18 years ago
I don't know the status of the park, but the entrance is on my fiance's land...please remember to shut the gate (keep the cows in) and drive on the road!!!
The only time he has problems with people visiting the park is in the winter when snowmobilers drive all over and no amount of sign-posting can keep them off his land until they get into the park. There's my 2 cents.
Posted by monty (+81) 18 years ago
I don't get it. The park is county property and you have to go across private land to get to it? Or your fiance has cows in the park?

So what your saying is your fiance can keep people out of the park if he chooses?
Posted by Staci Peterson (+71) 18 years ago
The Woodruff Park is county property, there is an easement across the private property (which may have cattle on it) to access the park. We (the landowners) have no control over the gate. The county controls the lock on the gate and the only time the gate to the park is locked is during extreme fire season for obvious reasons. The gate has also been locked maybe twice becuase of the public misusing the park and (using period) the private land. As with any state/national/county land if you use it wisely it will remain accessable for everyone to use, missuse it and it will go away! As for the sign it was taken down for repair and never put back up. Thanks for your respectful use of the park!
One of the landowners