Posted by Brandon (+16) 19 years ago
I don't know if I'm familiar to anybody. I would hope so, since it's only been a couple months since I've been away from Miles City. But anyways, I'm Brandon Engebretson, member of the 2002 graduating class. Going to college in Bozeman, I do get a chance to come back to the home town and see a couple of friends and family left in Miles City. But it's nice looking at these forums every once in a while and seeing what's new with Miles City. I'll probably continue to check in here too.
Posted by Brandon Zeitner (+8) 19 years ago
Hey Brandon-

It's good to see you doing well. I've only recently started checking in here, it's good to see this site doing well. I wonder though if Larry is still the one managing it.

Keep in touch, and good luck with college

-Brandon Zeitner
Posted by JEANNE M BOLE (+39) 19 years ago
Hi Brandon,
I love your sense of humor. The reason you probably had no
response was a lot of young people might not know this
web site is here or they are all in school like you are.
Keep smiling