F/S .204 Ruger Barreled Action
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I’m selling a barreled action. Below are all that’s included

Savage Mod 10 .223 action. Bottom bolt release.

Timney trigger

Kinney’s Precision Ground Recoil Lug.

NSS Barrel nut

SS small shank Criterion 204 22” Savage Mag contour, 11 twist, recessed crown (not threaded), It is their match chamber. Has had approx 150rds through it

2 Savage Mags 204/223

Brass 100 once fired

Brass 50 Nosler new 

I’ll includes a stock with bottom bolt release trigger guard and magazine well. Barreled action fits other than stock is for a varmint barrel and looks strange. But it’s acc will be needed for a replacement stock

call or text 406 351 1972  must be picked up in Forsyth. All ATF rules apply

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Posted by far 25 days ago
Let’s drop this to $800

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Posted by far 23 days ago
Last price drop and this comes off the market $700
Posted by far 21 days ago
Well we will try one more drop $650 cash

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Posted by far 18 days ago
How about separating everything.
Criterion Barrel $400
Action factory trigger $300
Action Timney trigger $375
Barrel nut $15 $10 shipping
Precision ground recoil lug $30
2 factory magazines $35ea
New Hornady .204 brass $40 50 count
Once fired .204 brass $70 100 count $20
Action must have 4473 paperwork filled out. All ATF rules apply
All sales cash only
Call or text 406 351 1972

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Sold all