i know nobody helpss anyone anymore
Posted by akgreg56 3 months ago
i need help with a go fund. i am a disabled vet, my car lose the tranny. severial  thousond to fix it. i cant get a loan on ssi and no car dealor will sell me a car with out a job. i cant make it to my doctor, shopping or a job with no car. i havent payed my rent or elect. so i have 700 dollars. but thats not enough. this is dangerous to me.i dont what to do. go fund me seems like the only answer.. but i dont know how to do this. so i am looking for someone who can get me a go fund page i pay you for your time. please i need help. i need a car. so call me at406-981-1687. if you can help. and i wish you a great christmas
Posted by skoh 3 months ago
Please go talk to the people at Volunteer Services of America . It is located behind Reynolds and is a Veteran Service operation.
Posted by Sam Handwich 3 months ago

Custer County Transit has very affordable rides, they will take you anywhere around Miles City.
Posted by Hanson 3 months ago
Senator Jon Tester is meeting with veterans at the Armory in Miles City this Friday at 3:00 P.M on Veterans mental health issues and at 4:00 P.M. on Veteran rural health care issues.