Reloading equipment for sale
Posted by Randy Anderson 3 months ago
RCBS berdan primer removal tool $15.00
RCBS powder level checker die $25.00 (popular in progressive presses incl Dillon)
RCBS precision case micrometer 30-06 $25.00
CH 8mm Mauser dies $20.00 (very nice dies)
Herters 308 Norma Mag dies $15.00
bag of once fired 7mm bench rest brass $10.00 SOLD
Wilson precision case trimmer with holders for numerous rifle cases $80.00
bag of 303 Brit brass (mostly berdan) $5.00
Dunbar H press (highly sought model) $100
call 4oh6-9five1-oh3oh1and leave a message, I won't be back on this website so replies will go unanswered.

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Posted by Randy Anderson 3 months ago