Anyone board pets or take care of them in MC?
Posted by Speedbump 6 months ago
Have relative in hospital and needs her dog taken care of for 6 to 8 weeks. Does anyone in miles city board animals? It's a miniture Doberman. Older dog with eyesight problems. Sleeps most of the day. Kinda fat. So he don't jump on much of anything. Get's along with other animals. My animals don't like many other animals. With my work hours cant let him out to do his business. Looking for temporary home for my aunt's dog. Dog is in Billings. a safe place for him in Billings would work too. The regular place she boards him is shutting down for a few weeks. So just trying to find a safe place for him. Thanks. 406- 8 five 3 - 2 five 4 7.
Posted by MRH 6 months ago

Also East Main Animal Clinic
Posted by sparks 6 months ago
Did you find someone to help out with the pup?