For sale- very well used MAGA hat
Posted by Frank Hardy one month ago
Owner died.  He was a dumba** who tried to overthrow the US on January 6 while holding an American flag (can you believe that?).  He then killed Jesus Christ who was coming back because Jesus knelt before the flag showing respect to this country- damn him.  He then drove over to the old folks home and intentionally ripped the masks off of the residents while spitting into their faces his diatribe about "freedom to choose".  Alas, he contracted covid, and since he wasn't vaccinated he took up precious space in the ICU before dying a slow, extremely painful death.

You can have his damn hat if you'll pay for the funeral for this stupid idiot.


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Posted by Tucker Bolton one month ago
Frank, I would be more than happy to pay the shipping if you would be willing to send it to the Texas State Capital. I'm pretty sure that someone there would be happy to proudly display it along side the story of what this hero went though while trying to preserve his right to die however he chooses. You know, perhaps he took some of them lib-dems on his way to the ICU. Those people in the nursing home were on their last legs and probably didn't vote the way he thought they should anyway. Cheers.
Posted by Steve Z one month ago