Forsyth Residents @@@@@@@@@
Posted by Rob Shipley 23 days ago
Two, absolutely PRISTINE, 18 inch by 24 inch black and white photographs.
One is an aerial view from perhaps a thousand {1,000} feet from the west showing railroad trackage and Main Street, and, the water tower, which has to have been removed, what, nearly a hundred {100} years ago ? has to be 1920s or 1930s.
Other is soooooooooooooo   COOL. Five {5] cars and three {3] persons on porch of a hotel  on Main Street{name is hard to make out]. Elk Cafe.  Piggly Wiggly. Chevrolet emblem sign is around and behind to the left with a gasoline pump.
*******These are absolutely fabulous. ********* I have seen plenty of similar authentic Montana large photographs like these; in art galleries all over Montana, and, commanding prices of $400 and $500 and $600 apiece. These are PRIME LONG  TERM
INVESTMENTS. Asking $450,00 each, or, keep 'em together for $800.00.
Anyone will wearout  a good car or pickup driving all over the northwest to find anything as good.       [email protected]                  406-234-2477