picked up or stolen Backpack
Posted by snickers 24 days ago
To whoever stole or picked up  my grey and blue backpack at the opening to the Honda trails on the dike road.  You can keep my 40 lbs of rocks that was in it and my other tools. But can you please find a way to get my rock hammer back to me it has sentimental value to it.   It belonged to my mother who passed away.   I am surprised you stole that heavy of a backpack in the time it took me to walk from there to Cook Lake to get my vehicle.  I honestly did not think anyone would steal it in that 5 min   As it was too heavy for me to keep carrying.
I do tumble those rocks and donate them to the museum so they can sell them to make money.
If you dumped somewhere please let me know so I can go get it. I did drive the dike but did not  see it
Description of person seen picking it up. There was a white full size pickup parked on the dike and man was carrying a backpack from by the Honda trails gate to his pickup. He was a slender guy with glasses and a baseball cap.
Posted by snickers 23 days ago
The hammer is like this one but old https://l.facebook.com/l....eclVeDxb90 I got backpack at St vincent but I would love the hammer back