Short term, "very soft", WORK
Posted by Rob Shipley one month ago
Seeking one {1], two {2], or three {3] good persons. Anytime, April 12th thru the 16th.
After nine in the morning until no later than 1700. NOT AT ALL LABOR INTENSIVE. *****Only****** clean and sturdy cardboard boxes of merchandise and inventory which absolutely drives a certain corrupt Miles City police officer to have already committed these category "A" felonies:  a. false swearing in a police report   b. perjury  c. LYING UNDER OATH to a wonderful Most Honorable District Court judge, and   d. forcing an $8,500,000 lawsuit to be filed against the City of Miles City.
1. There exists no junk, no trash, no garbage of any kind. And, there never has.
2. We just have to place good, clean boxes of valuable items in a large double garage and
four (4) new sheds.
Myself on a cane and one [1] person...........less than twelve (12) hours
Myself on a cane and two (2) persons..........less than ten (10) hours
Myself and any three (3) good persons........about four ( 4) hours each.......... ?????
[email protected]                       406-234-2477