S A G S Silent Auction Garage Sales
Posted by Rob Shipley 21 days ago
Planning to spread FORTY  {40 ] special items every other Saturday at 1000 when the,     "Garage Sale Rush", subsides. {{{{{{{    603  South 4th Street   }}}}}}}}
There will be offered more than 5,000 items worth way, way, way, way more than $100,000. If these SAGS fail, there will be a large auction sale in Broadus in August or September.  FINANCING is always available. We make deals which keep your cash together. We have NO DEBTS. None of this is, "desperation"; all just    GREAT BARGAINS GOOD BUSINESS. 406-234-2477. ****** Way more than 300 boxes*******.
Trophy game mounts, DIAMONDS and BHG, vintage Newhouse traps, even seven {7} ranch CATs.