WTB "used" small pistol primers.
Posted by Speedbump 29 days ago
I am looking to buy used small pistol primers. Yes. Used fired small pistol primers. How many do you got?
Posted by Tucker Bolton 26 days ago
Speed, my curiosity has got the best of me. What are you going to do with them? Only thing I can think of is making dry fire rounds or perhaps a small art project. Inquiring minds want to know.
Posted by Speedbump 25 days ago
Want to buy about 4000 used fired small pistol primers. call 8 five three 254 seven Thanks.
Posted by John Hawkinson 25 days ago
There were a couple of plans/formulas for reloading used primers that were floated around about 40-45 years ago. One plan used kids cap gun caps and was unreliable at best. And one plan had a formula to make new priming compound and it was totally DANGEROUS! Hope that's not what you have in mind
Posted by Phil Shifley 22 days ago
There is a company selling the chemicals, no hazmat, you mix them and it’s legitimate priming compound. It's called Prime-All and sold by 22lrreloader.com. Speedbump, sorry I dumped the trash can before you posted.

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