Great Christmas G I F T S
Posted by Rob Shipley 3 months ago
Two (2) really nice tanned ELK hides. Montana bull elk. I saw a fellow from California, where they have no elk, pay $1,200 in American Express traveler's checks for one of these that was professionally blanketed with two (2 ) dark green spreads of velvet with
a heavy quilt between them. These are not done that way, but, also only $300 each, or,
buy the pair for $500.00...............OBO      OBO      OBO.
******   I have sooooooooooooooooooooo   much great stuff, this five {5] bedroom home is full to the ceilings. These ELK and 4,000 other items need            NEW   HOMES   FOR   THE   WINTER.             234-2477.