High Quality Leather Duster
Posted by mikekll 3 months ago
I have a handmade, quality, leather duster for sale. This is a full length men's duster. This was handmade using top quality leather and real sheep wool. The wool lining is zippered and can easily be removed if weather conditions don't require it. This duster has never been worn outside of the house. It looks, feels and smells brand new. It is a heavy duster. This is not some cheaply made thin leather duster and you will realize that as soon as you pick it up. I had this made during my military career as I had plans of retiring from the military and doing horseback wilderness elk hunts. Unfortunately, that never happened. Reply to this posting if you are interested in this. I'm asking $350 for it. That is less than I paid for it and I'm not very negotiable.

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Posted by mikekll 2 months ago
Posted by Kelly 2 months ago
What size is it?
Posted by mikekll 2 months ago
Hi Kelly,
I am 6' 1" and it was handmade to my height.