Looking for .223 brass
Posted by BKCREMER 24 days ago
I am looking for some good .223 brass. 
Posted by cubby 24 days ago
Good luck Bob that stuff is like gold right now. I've been looking for months for ADG, norma, nosler, Hornady, lupua, even Winchester and can't find it. Never in my life that it would be this hard to find .223 brass. I don't just want to grab the stuff out at the range because all that stuff seems to have been shot with an AR and they won't run in my bolt rifles and I don't have a small base die, but might just have to buy one at the rate things are going.
Take care, I'll let you know if I find some.
Posted by Tim Miles 24 days ago
I have about 170 unfired Fiocchi cases, the only problem is they are stuffed with powder and 50 gr V-MAX bullets. Will entertain offers for all or part.
Ate 53 - tutu six oh
Posted by Randy Anderson 24 days ago
Bob, I have a little over 1100 (1153 I think) once fired LC 07 military brass. It’s all same lot, same headstamp. $110, call me if interested 9five1-oh3oh1.

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Posted by BKCREMER yesterday
Tim, would you take 50.00
Posted by Tim Miles 13 hours ago
I will, but i am out of state for about three weeks, if you can wait i am fine with $50
Posted by BKCREMER 3 hours ago
Call me when you get back.