G P O Great Profit Opportunity
Posted by Rob Shipley 8 months ago
1999 red Ford F 350..........$ 9,500     OBO        OBO       OBO       OBO
Crewcab.....4x4.......very strong 7.3 diesel   V8.
The most famous and most sought  diesel engine ever in the auto industry.
Rebuilds of this capacity and power are  $ 7,500 on pallets.
Will trade for anything of equal value or accept cash if you  insist.
I have bought, sold, traded, and pawned over four hundred  (400) cars, pickups, trucks,
trailers and CATs and this is one of the very best ever.
FINANCING      always available to qualified buyers.
[email protected]
{{{{{{{    New 2020s of this breed list over    $ 70,000   }}}}}}