Lost Great Dane Great Pyrenees mix dog
Posted by Olive 19 days ago
My great Dane/ Pyrenees mix jumped the fence in my yard and we can't find him anywhere I'm super worried about him. His name is Colossus and he comes to that or Swoobins when you call him. He's the biggest sweetheart ever. If anyone has found this dog, know where he is, or know who has found him Please contact Coleton Hill 406-351-2209 or Call Miles City Animal Shelter 234-6113 or Miles City Police Dispatch 232-3411 with any and all information about this dog! Here is a picture of the dog.

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Posted by Olive 18 days ago
Please! Please! Please! Help find this dog
Posted by Olive 15 days ago
This dog came home and passed away in his yard