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Posted by akgreg56 10 months ago
notbohm motord car accessores.  i live in forsyth. but drove the 80 miles round trip to get my truck trip out.  i put fog lamp installed , wiring hanging wheel well and under dash. cost me 200. suppose to come on with remote. but they came on when ever they wanted to.  got a ticket because of them. so had to drive 80 miles to get them fixed. wanted lift kit. quoted 800. thats front and back. they should have looked at my truck to see what it would take to do the job. drove 80 miles waited in the park 6 hours. they came  and told wrong parts. wasted trip. so drove another 80 miles when they got right parts. took 8 hrs came back . got lift in front none in back. they said i need couple small parts for where and tear on spring in back. they said part would cost 100 which they should pay for.  i signen contract for 800 and payed them. but now they want 100 in parts 300 labor and for me to drive another 80 mile which means 240 miles drove for lift. i call better bis, chamber of commerce. if you had any problem with them ,i like to here about it call greg at 496-351-3143
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Posted by cubby 10 months ago
Greg I understand where your coming from but I've worked in automotive for the last 20 years and some times when working on older cars and trucks the techs ran into unforeseeable problems, they can't see into the future. That's the nature of working on older things not everything is going to be seen or known if it's bad.