Roger Staubach bought seven ( 7 ) ORIGINALS
Posted by Rob Shipley 8 months ago
Selling a signed and numbered framed under glass PRINT of         "Majestic and Free".
Cody,Wyoming, Ray  "Padre" Johnson.  Padre is a personal  friend of world  famous repute. Several of his paintings were on display in the United Nations HQ for six ( 6 ) weeks.**********   He came and appeared at the  Miles City Club  as our guest speaker******** Elaine Shipley proudly owns a portrait worth at last six thousand dollars ($6,000). My  genius mother, Mary Shipley, bought eight ( 8 ) of his prints now in my collection of           NFS   DEA            Not For Sale         Don't Even Ask.
When I met NFL  famous Dallas Cowboys quaterback,  Roger Staubach, and Mike Ditka and  Emmet Smith and two (2) other NFL greats at a crippled children's  rally event on the lawns of  Rocky Moountain College in September, 1995, I spoke with all five (5). I was OVERJOYED to pay $20  each for four (4) color   8x10s of Staubach and Emmett Smith.
I also visited with Roger quite awhile longer owing my CLOSE personal friend, Padre, was the western artist who PAINTED and SOLD to Roger seven ( 7 ) of his originals for...........very,very,very big       MONEY.

$850 cash...........goes wonderfully in any fine home.
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