1982 Toyota Celica
Posted by jnm16 9 months ago
1982 Toyota Celica liftback GT 22R RWD. Has carb issues but does run & drive. $1100

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Posted by Rob Shipley 9 months ago
Good morning.
I have a GOOD offer for you. I have a carpenter built SNOW MOBILE trailer. Easily hauls two (2); single 4,000# axle. Asking $1,400 because any trailer with tires is worth that kind of cash.
If the mechanical costs of your older car are not way, way, way out of line, we can trade here. You can also HAUL ALOT of anything and everything else, and, save at least $75 per month if you have stuff in a storage unit somewhere. I have bought and sold and traded and PAWNED a lot of trailers over the years. This one is way cheaper than most, but, can be a lot better deal than any car that has problems and is 37 years old..............37 years old.
[email protected] Thank you......"Ship"