"This is going to be a big one"
Posted by Rob Shipley 3 months ago
This catchy phrase was used thousands of times in Viet Nam when forward air controllers called in airstrikes from U.S. carriers. This was MADE FAMOUS around the  world in Spielberg's, "APOCALYPSE NOW", when Navy F4 Phantoms flew in low on bombing runs dropping 380 pound cannisters of napalm.

That was fifty (50) years ago, but, this  GARAGE SALE,  which will be a "BIG ONE",  is Saturday the 17th at 603 South 4th Street. New vinyl and heavy plastic 7x7 shed from Ace spotted on concrete deck adjacent the alley is ****all***** offered for sale now.
{Not the new shed, Dummy, I just bought it for PRECISELY this purpose.........multiple garage sales}.  Have over $100,000 worth of  really,really nice stuff to sell down.....no junque,no junque,no junque.........but can and will trade for anyting of value.

Thank you, sincerely...................."Ship"   {{{    SOX is the focus  }}}