Great Rebuild For HIGH Profit Stuff
Posted by Rob Shipley 4 months ago
Three (3) John Deere 8430 tractors. All complete,bad engines. $13,000 cash buys the trio. These can be shopped and  rebuilt during the winter and resold for very nice profits.
1952 7UD4  Cat and hydraulic dozer. Starts and runs OK, just not "Showroom pretty".
$5,500 OBO. Ranch built electric starter needs  refit.
1999 Ford F350 crewcab 4x4 $5,000. Can be rebuilt with no big headaches at all.
VERY STRONG and valuable 7.3 Power Stroke V8, $3,000. 6 speed manual transmission is out and has trubs with second (2nd) and third (3rd) gear synchros. Chrome wheels and  tires are worth a $1,000. Heavy duty noseguard would cost anyone new at a car dealer at least $1,200. No tailgate, but no big deal. ( I think I have even a matching "red" one around here somewhere).Fenders and cab all clean and  straight.
{{{{   I have a red F250 just like this one, same year, 1999. I have over 235,000 miles on it and today when you kick it she explodes like an F4 Phantom on takeoff in afterburner; why Ford ever  quit making 7.3s is a wonder of the entire automotive world ))).
"We buy,sell,trade or PAWN anything we don't have to feed; and, have loaned cash money on four (4) head of young bucking horses."  We do it all so give us a call.
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