1/4 Grass Finished Highland/Angus Steer
Posted by Bill Tramp 4 months ago
¼ Grass finished Scottish Highland/Angus steer USDA processed for two as follows:
Ground (47#)
Sirloin steaks
New York Steaks
Rib Steaks
Tenderloin Steaks
Chuck Roasts
Total price: $530 (includes processing).
Also available: liver, tongue, oxtail for $2/#
Call or text 406-852-0815 evenings.
Taking reservations on the last grass finished highland steers for the year. Locally grown on grass and local hay. Finished on green pasture. All natural. USDA processing. Certified under the Quality Highland Beef program. Estimated hanging weights are 600-700# (available in late fall to winter while supplies last).
$2.20/# for halves and wholes. $2.40/# for quarters. These prices are based on hanging weights.  You pay processing.
19 years of raising/selling highland beef in Miles City.
Call 852-0815
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