Many useful things to sale
Posted by willy pinkos 4 months ago
Black & Decker double edge hedge trimmer electric  $20
Milwaukee d.c electric drill $ 20  includes battery. 
charger for this is $16.00

One Milwaukee circular saw 8 inch blade great machine. $25
One Milwaukee sawsall. $23
One high speed dremmel  "Advantage"  rotary saw   very powerful. This item at ACE is well over a hundred bucks, has its own box $40.

One Craftsman shopvac. ,.  New.  $25

one Husqvarna gas engine only , plus blade and chain. Good for a guy who has had trouble with blade end of . This saw runs good just needs a front end..$25

A man who works for himself  might find all this a good buy.

Call bill at 406-853-3596  I'll probably put all this stuff on the radio for more coverage

I got pictures if you like, just got to figure it out

Posted by willy pinkos 4 months ago