Ruger M77 f/s
Posted by cubby 8 days ago
I have a very nice wood stock ruger M77 in 22-250 with a Banner scope for sale. Very nice rifle just too nice for me to keep lol. $500 of trade for other guns. Call or text 951-0144

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Posted by AL Kwasinski 8 days ago
Chubby I am interested in you rifle come and see what I have and may bee we can trade call me 234-3191 Al
Posted by AL Kwasinski 7 days ago
Cubby I am sorry I spelled your name wrong again I don,t no way I do that but I am real sorry Al
Posted by cubby 7 days ago
No problem Al. I have someone coming to look at this rifle Wednesday if they don't buy it I will get a hold of you.