Lost Border Collie
Posted by Olive 4 months ago
So whoever may have taken Speck, her owners are looking for her. Officer Fetty was fairly certain someone took her from outside the shelter. My hope is that it was someone concerned for her well being. If you have her or see her please call her parents at 234-3063. Let's get this sweet girl home where she belongs!!
Update: Met officer at the pound. Unfortunately he did not have his keys to get in so he leashed her there. When he got back someone had taken her and the leash. Hoping it was the owner! Officer Fetty would greatly appreciate that the leash be returned.
Found running up and down 7th near tatro. Very scared. Speck is wearing a faded pink collar Speck has Old Dog Vestibular Disease which causes a disturbance of her balance because she is old If anyone has seen her, or know who has her, or know where she is Please call 406-234-3063 and the Miles City Police Dispatch 406-234-3411 and Miles City Animal Control 406-234-6113 Thanks for any and all help in locating this dog and reuniting her with her family

Posted by Olive 3 months ago
This dog is safely home now and reunited with her family Thanks for everyone's help in locating her