Fishing gear
Posted by AL Kwasinski 27 days ago
I have 10 spinning fishing rods and reels new for sale you can take your pick for $25.00 each I also have about 80 hard body lures for $1.00 each and snelled hooks for .50 each if interested give me a call at 234-3191 I also haveĀ  tackle boxes full of new gear hooks lures bobbers a little bit of every thing every thing is new except the boxes when you call ask for Al
Posted by Earl Bennett 26 days ago
Al will take all the lures, and prob a pole. Will be in touch Friday or Sat.
What was that old saying about learning to fish

Posted by AL Kwasinski 26 days ago
Earl could you make Friday or Saturday after noon as I will be in River side park selling my Knifes Al
Posted by AL Kwasinski 18 days ago
I still have new fishing gear lures rods@reels hooks if interested call 234-3191 ask for Al bump to the top
Posted by Earl Bennett 15 days ago
Thanks Al, always a pleasure....