Lost 2 Wirehaired Pointer Dogs
Posted by Olive 16 days ago
Had a good evening with some friends out and 12 mile last night. As of this morning around 9 we had a couple of boys decided to go for a run and we've not seen since. Both have collars with our phone numbers on them. Very friendly dogs and will approach anyone or any other animal with no bad intentions. The liver colored one is chipped. We won't come up as th owner because we've not got it switched to our names. I also know if the old owner is contacted he will get ahold of us. If you have any friends in that area, I'd appreciate it if they would keep an eye out. Just want them home safely. If you see these dogs or know what has happened to them Please Call 406-351-2194 and 406-853-3365 Here is a picture of the dogs Thanks for any and all help in reuniting them with their family

Posted by Olive 15 days ago
Please everyone who heads out towards Broadus and 12 mile dam Please watch for these dogs Their names are Liver one is Cooper and White & Brown one is Rico Please help locate them and if you can catch them and Call 406-351-2194 and 406-853-3365 Let's get these dogs home soon. Thanks for any help provided Has anyone seen these dogs?
Posted by Olive 12 days ago
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12 hrs
Just wanna keep trying to bring my boys home! The white and brownish/black one with the orange collar and tracker is Rico and the liver colored one with the metal collar is Cooper. Cooper is chipped. They were able to be tracked south of 12 Mile Dam where we were camping then the tracker's battery lost signal and went dead. Both have tags with our phone numbers on them.
Please help us find our dogs! Thanks so much! If you have seen these dogs, know where they are, can catch them, have friends in the 12 mile dam area and south of 12 mile dam or north of 12 mile dam please have your friends watch for these dogs Please Call 406-351-2194 snd 406-853-3365 with any and all information you may have about these dogs
Posted by Olive 10 days ago
Please Does anyone have information about these dogs that were lost out at 12 mile dam If anyone has information concerning these dogs Please Call 406-351-2194 and 406-853-3365 or Miles City Police Dispatch 232-3411 and Miles City Animal Control Officer 234-6113 Thanks for any and all help reuniting these dogs with their family
Posted by Olive 8 days ago
These dogs are safely home. Thanks for everyone's help in locating them
Posted by far 8 days ago