Trapping Cats at Wal Mart
Posted by Olive 6 months ago
Tracy Schwarzkopf Yesterday at 6:44 PMTomorrow I'll start setting the traps for the Walmart cats. If you are missing a cat, please let me know. All cats will be quarantined for short time in Forsyth, so that they don't try to come back to Miles City. Please share this so we don't accidentally catch any house cats. If you live by Walmart, please keep your cats inside for the next several days if possible. I will post pictures of any that I catch, but not everyone will see this post or know about it. Since this is a discussion, it's harder to find since it doesn't come up as something I'm selling. Please pass this on. I'm hoping the traps will work so we can be successful in relocating and making sure they have a better life. If anyone would like to donate cat food to the cause, I'm sure Cathy Morris,would appreciate it. She's been the only one that's offered a place for them to call home.
Here is a cat we trapped this afternoon by Wal Mart if this is your cat Please Message Tracy Schwarzkopf on facebook if this is your cat 

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Posted by Olive 6 months ago
These cats were trapped by Wal Mart If these cats are your cats Please Message Tracy Schwarzkopf on facebook