2015 Bobcat MT55 Skid Steer 350 hours $17,500 PICS
Posted by atomicg 6 months ago
Includes rider platform, toothed bucket and forks plus a few of the filters for the next service.  Saw recent service at 250 hours.  Other buckets and attachments available for additional $ including 4x8 man basket, hydraulic extending jib arm, rock bucket, grading bucket, trailer hitch plate, concrete chute pouring bucket. 

We've had it 3 years and it's amazing in small spaces like corrals, barns, backyards etc. and it even hauls right into in the back of a stout pickup or smaller dump trailer.  It has a block heater installed and a tier 4 diesel engine that doesn't smoke you out in a tight space.  We used it to dig out basements under crawlspaces and it's been a great little machine for about a hundred different tasks but we're switching things up in the off season a bit so it's for sale until I get too busy again.

Paul Sparks
Milestown Construction Inc
406-853-6010 iphone
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