Colt 1911 45 Govt Upper, SS, S80, w/Colt NM barrel
Posted by Chuckie 3 months ago
Factory new Colt competition parts sourced from a factory new, factory test fired pistol. Look closely at the photos. All parts shown are included, factory new, complete stainless slide with sights, recoil spring, guide and plug, with Colt National Match barrel. $375 firm. Piece is in Miles City
Email only: Schweigert at gmail dot com

These parts were sourced from the same, single, factory new, factory test fired Colt firearm. Pristine condition.

Warning:This product is to be installed by a competent gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from installation or use of this product. Some fitting may be required.

I will not be held responsible if these parts do not fit your frame. Should you find these parts will not work for you, you are responsible for reselling them if needed.

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Posted by Chuckie 2 months ago
I have more pictures, email me, this Colt upper is unique

Schweigert at gmail dot com