Bogen Manfrotto Tripods/Heads (multiple sizes)
Posted by atomicg 8 months ago
2 - 501 Heads on 3011n basic legs. 

2 - 503 Heads on 351mvb2 legs that have a small internal spreader and nice carrying case.  $300 each

1 - 516 on 545gb legs with heavy duty spreader and nice carrying case.  New was upwards of a grand.  $500

The 503s and 516 and their tripod legs are pristine.  You won't find nicer used.  These are for larger cameras or rigs with a lot of lights/mics/etc or where stability and extremely smooth tracking are important.  If you're shooting events from a distance and zooming a lot then the bigger tripods really do produce better video.

The 501s have seen more use and don't have cases but function great.  These are suitable for most compact camcorders/DSLRs and some prosumer rigs.

I also have a couple Impact cheap light stands, an Arri spotlight, multiple Panasonic HSC1U camcorders and a nice Bogen Manfrotto tripod dolly for tracking shots as well. 

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