Wanted: Permission to look for Agates
Posted by GrantGikas 5 years ago
Me, my sister, and my daughter will be visiting the Miles City area the weekend of Sept 1 & 2.

We’ like to spend part of a day looking for agates along the Yellowstone River.

If you or perhaps someone you know would be willing to give us permission to look for agates on your property, we would be willing to pay you/them for the privilege and we’d greatly appreciated your gesture.

Feel free to contact me (Grant) directly at. 732 921 1399 or [email protected]
Posted by wheelerdealer1 5 years ago
it is not safe to be anyware near the Yellowstone river or any other river at this time, we are in flood stage, Agate picking season is later in the year when the rivers go way down,
Posted by cubby 5 years ago
If you read the very first sentence, he stated they were coming in September.