Sako 75 stainless 7mm stw
Posted by agnew 10 months ago
I have a nice sako 7mm stw for sale asking 1200 obo call or text 852 6543 text is the best way to get ahold of me Mayb open for trades to

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Posted by agnew 10 months ago
Open to offers or trade for a older running 4 wheel drive pickup
Posted by agnew 10 months ago
Posted by AL Kwasinski 10 months ago
I E-mailed you And you did not answer me I woun't my gun's back as well as my money You lied to me about your trade and you know it I hope ever buddy reads this so they know what type of person you are so you will not be able to do the same to the call me and tell me when you will bring back my gun's if I don't hear from you I will report them as stolen I have the serial numbers you have till noon today to call me 234-3191 AL