Barrett M99 .50 Cal. for sale $3000.00 Bucks
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Barrett Model 99 50 Cal. BMG. Single Shot Bolt Action.  29 inch Fluted Barrel with 47 inch Total Length. Long Range Sniper/Target Rifle with Easy 3 Pin Quick Assembly/Take Down. Unfailing Accuracy with a Firing Range of 1.62 Miles/8530 Ft.  Pistol Grip, Black Anodized Receiver. 3 Port Fanned High Efficiency Muzzle Break. Attachable/Adgustable BiPod Legs. Made by Barrett FireArms Company in Murfrees Tennesee. Extras Include a Pelican Waterproof/Airproof Case, 9 Boxes of Ammo., anda Guide Gear 8-32-50 AOIR Scope.
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