Looking for night calvers
Posted by Brad Eik one year ago
We are looking to fill one or a couple night calver positions at Fort Keogh.  Would be calving out first calf heifers.  All seven days of the week are open at this time.  The shift runs from 8 pm til 5 am and pays $14/hr.  Very nice heated inside facilities and very user friendly.  A horse will be available if needed.  If your not from Miles City area and need a place to stay housing is available.  Start date would be Friday March 2nd and heifers will be done in 45 days, however the temporary part time positions run for 90 days, so we could keep a qualified person for that long to do some day work.  Please call with any questions or concerns.  Must have a valid drivers license and social security card to be eligible.  Thanks for looking!!!

Brad Eik
Ranch Manager
?Fort Keogh LARRL