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Baker to Ekalaka - 10 days
By Mrs. Robert Lantis, Terry
From 'The Truth About Montana Winters', (p) 1976, Miles City Star
In the early 1900's, my husband's uncle, Robert Yates, Sr., operated a freighting business out of Ekalaka, ranging as far north as Terry with two wagons pulled by six-horse teams.

The haul from Ekalaka to Terry took 10 days each way, a far cry from the speed with which we travel now.

One day in early spring, Yates and his son Bill and another driver, Pete Whiblem, started from Baker to Ekalaka, a distance of 36 miles, with two loads of kerosene and flour.

A terrible storm struck and deep drifts began to form, forcing them to shovel every few hundred feet. At times, the cold and blowing snow were so severe the men would stand between the horses to get a little protection until the wind abated.

The 36-mile trip took 10 days, probably the longest on record from Baker to Ekalaka, and Yates recalled that they had to shovel all the way.

Whenever possible, the men stayed overnight at ranches or roadhouses, but many times they had to camp out and make do with their own supply of groceries and of grain for the horses.

People must have been tougher in those days.


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