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anybody who supports trump is an idiot. and every body else are perverts and right up there with with dog shit. and so is anybody who support this filth. they said drain the swamp. ya right it now tto + 3 more characters
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i have like new satern xe 2009 sedan. car looks and runs like new. has on star and xm radio. i love this car. but it to small to haul big dog, fishing, camping and hunting gear.. so if you can help me + 27 more characters
my truck broke down. so i bought this nice car, has on star, x am radio. this a very nice car. reason for trade is i own big dog, cant ride in car , it wont fit fishing gear or a dee in hunting season + 60 more characters
i am 61 yrs old. live in forsyth.havent been touth in 8 years. but thats not happening. would like to buy a friendly bird., or any aninal who has a cage. if you got someing call greg at 406-351-3143
i have a new dog training callor. it safe for dogs. it beeps, vibates, and a small elect charge. never used. comes with 2 hand held controls.  plus i have a great deal on 84 dodge truck. truck is in g + 170 more characters
trade my truck 2 months ago
best offer. call greg at 406-351-3143
trade my truck 2 months ago
i have a 84 dodge truck. body is good , glass is good, canopy is is good condition. door stay open. glass and screens good. new starter, carb and belts are new. plus new wipers. truck goes down the ro + 192 more characters
RE: Shotgun for sale 2 months ago
I'm interested call 406-351-3143
i am 61 yr old guy in forsyth. i weigh 286 lb, opps bad for my health. but makes a good santa. i have pretty long breard. have grandy glasses. for right price you can die my hair etc. any way call me + 47 more characters