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Just a note on the above post. Personally my self I will still want at least a hybrid vehicle in Montana in the winter. Any car battery will not be very good at -30F. Should get you 1 mile or so with + 211 more characters
Privatize it, and the rich buying the public lands begins...
I remember Bills marine & cycle down by the Pacific Railroad Depot myself.
Fun for you maybe, Me it would be monumental as in R.I.P
The trolls make things interesting on here That being said with the exception of living in Missoula a few yrs while in school. I was born here & lived here all my life. It will probably end here as w + 15 more characters
Prob at least his top 140, or multiple thereof.
Tonight is the night.....
David, ... well said. Branden nothing but respect for what you guys do.
By the way, Thanks John. My property taxes already went up a bunch this year. I appreciate what you do.
Sign up for midseason pool tourney will be Friday 1/6/2017 7:00 PM at the VFW. Sign up as doubles team, and fee will be $20/player. This will be an open tourney (Men & Women at least 18 yrs old). Play + 207 more characters
Gunnar, You said Kool-Aid, and I am sure you meant , and thank god they (1%) still let us make our own and wine.
I'm just a bit of a lurker here, went 12-13 yrs without posting, but I read it fairly often. I like the site, I like the classifieds (I don't use facebook). I voted a upvote. I hope it all goes well f + 215 more characters
You know the nearly unthinkable has happened during this election(either way it went). Never figured on Trump but we got him, now we get the "fun"?, of seeing how it works.
Thanks AL, and well said. Best to reach me at my txt number (406)852-2256.
Neighborhood:003 Property Type:EP - Exempt Property Living Units:0 Levy District:14-0172-1C Zoning:2 Ownership %:100 Linked Property: No linked properties exist for this property Exemptions: No exemp + 219 more characters
Do a search on montana cadestral for Eagles Manor in Custer county. According to it there isn't even a building on that site, and the land is owned by Eagles Manor.
Thanks Tom, I only had limited exposure to ESPN2 today.
Mine went up on average 20.1%, what I find interesting is the valuation of my college room mate's house in Polson MT overlooking flathead lake dropped 50% while ours went up 100%. (source MTcadestral) + 18 more characters
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RE: Thursday Pool League one month ago
Thanks AL...