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I might add hopefully we have a valid ID that gets us in even not carrying the above named weapon. I remember making jokes about the Russians having to have papers to travel (train, plane, or automobi + 189 more characters
Mine went out for a minute or so this morning, but came back up again over by Lincoln school.
I enjoyed that read.
Miles City Pool League Mid-Season Pool Tourney Sat. & Sun. December 16-17, 2017 Sign up as doubles ($20 per player) Sign up Friday 12/15/2017 @ 7 PM Trails Inn League Rules, I'll answer questions at s + 222 more characters
My rich friend had his in stocks. DJIA 17K to 24 K since trump was elected. I'm just worried about the next crash. Gotta learn how to lock that 40% in !!
Seems just a couple yrs back we were $300 million in the black. Way closer to now than 2003... I have to admit their current situation sucks, hard to spend money you don't have. At least in my budget. + 107 more characters
Spotted Eagle has gotten smaller since then.
You know Hal, I can see a small resemblance there. If he had your hat & glasses ...
65 years later we can all see how that worked. Sometime in the early 50's my folks had a photo of a 20+ footer leaning against a sheriff car, that had been cut down at their farm.
Well, meeting last night went well. We had 9 teams sign up, and will start play next Thursday night. I will have the schedules for play out Monday night at your sponsoring bar, hopefully by 7 PM. Gonn + 283 more characters
2 more days, then see ya all at the VFW. Meeting at 7:30 PM Wednesday night.
Down to 1 week to go for sign up. Be talking to your sponsors so they can get you a check set up for their fee ($100 per team).
Ok, looked further, his name is Harvey, owner of Whipps Welawiban custom framing collectable art. Located at 500 main street. He is responsible for bringing the Huffman pictures back to Miles City. Ph + 128 more characters
I might add, 2 years ago this became a co-ed league. You can have any team mixture you want, all guys, all girls, 3&1 whatever. We also have a policy where if for any reason (unable to shoot well, sic + 494 more characters
The guy on the corner by milligans bike shop across from Olive on 500 block main street.
Yep it that time of year again. Our Thursday night pool league is doing its signup Thursday Oct 5th, 2017. Costs are $40 per player, and $100 for bar sponsor fee. Bar Pays the Quarters and 1 halftime + 497 more characters
I have some of the Quarters ;-)
Well it's not Tom Coon, Roxanna said it might be Dan Askin ?, Coleens little brother
Apparently you don't want to be a nurse following the law on blood draws of unconscious patients in a hospital. The police don't like it when you disagree with their interpretation of the law. In this + 139 more characters
Just a note on the above post. Personally my self I will still want at least a hybrid vehicle in Montana in the winter. Any car battery will not be very good at -30F. Should get you 1 mile or so with + 211 more characters
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Well my snowball in hell is melting. 4 AM this morning the city started clearing my street (1/2 block from Lincoln school). I would like to thank them for that. "THANKS" I owe ya one ! I would have m + 21 more characters
RE: City snow removal 10 days ago
Thanks Wayne been shoveling away! Problem even if I get it out of spot, I wouldn't be able to get it down the street even to corner because of the snow in street. Now after 3 days the 4 wheeler traffi + 463 more characters
RE: City snow removal 11 days ago
3 of my vehicles are buried bad. 2 I would have to tow out of parking spot in front of house. I would need at least a day's notice if they want to plow my street (unlikely), to get my vehicles out of + 241 more characters