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It is very disheartening to see how ignorant some of our state representatives are when they are willing to have the counties put out $750,000.00 in order to hold an election just because they are afr + 175 more characters
There is a very informative news article in the Star tonight about the proposed utility rule used in conjunction with annexation. Please take time to read it and plan on attending the second reading o + 156 more characters
Just a reminder that the Custer Water and Sewer District Board will hold an informational meeting about annexation tomorrow night, March 20th, at 6:30 at MCC room 106. It is very important that all pr + 158 more characters
It is very important for all property owners currently receiving water and/or sewer services from the Custer County Water and Sewer District to be in attendance at this informational meeting as well a + 172 more characters
The upcoming hearing is in regard to the proposed utility rule, not an annexation at this time. However,the City does have an annexation plan and any future annexations are initiated the City Council, + 90 more characters
There will be a public hearing on Ordinance 1309, "Adopting a utility rule requiring a property owner to consent to annexation as a condition of receiving water and/or sewer services." This Ordinance + 266 more characters
Thanks! We tried that and it appears ours may work without a box. Midrivers is coming tomorrow so I guess we will find out.
Has anyone heard what the status of the set top boxes for the new digital channels is or when they might be available or how many days we will be out of TV? We have been on the list for weeks. Just wo + 10 more characters
The Childrens Christmas Store is December 1st from 9-12. There was mention of it in the Star last night.
I believe that charge is for 3 months and they pickup once a week.
The Kirby salesmen are out and about this evening. We live out of town a few miles and they were just here. They are driving a blue van. Beware!!
I am guessing it should have read Highway 12.
If people don't think it is important enough to go vote then don't complain on who gets voted in.
I took 5 barn cats to the free spay/neuter clinic that has held in Miles City a number of years ago. Three of the five died a few days after they were there. There were a number of feral cats there a + 214 more characters
Halftime 37-0 Cowboys.
End of the 1st quarter. 30-0 Cowboys!!
3rd Quarter and it's currently Cowboys 41 Red Devils 6
As well as the Cowboy's season is going this year, it is obvious that they are going to have a lot of supporters this season. Belgrade didn't bring a lot of spectators last night but there were additi + 566 more characters
I would say go to Reynolds!!!
A big thank you goes out to the staff of Holy Rosary Hospital for the wonderful Children's Carnival last night. Even though it was a fairly hot evening it was very well attended by many children along + 147 more characters
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I have two 21 quart Mirror pressure cookers for sale. One has a broken handle which I'm sure you can get a replacement one at Ace. I would sell you both of them for $50.00 or $30.00 if you only want o + 3 more characters