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Trump is the Swamp! The only person who couldn't beat Trump in an election was Hillary. Hillary was the globalist choice to throw the election in favor of Donald Trump. I said this before the electio + 97 more characters
Wouldn't wanna miss that.
Why do you want everyone to work all the damn time, I work enough already. I'll cut my hours in half, and someone else can do the hard part.
They still have yall talking after 21 yrs.
trump just OK'ed new sanctions on 9 Russian companies banning sales of their weapons to Syria. Don't sound like he is in Russia's corner to me. This is Brics Vs Nato. You can not have two competin + 210 more characters
I bet one of these girls, is nick named "rainbow snacth". She probably named herself, and is a wishful thinker. I met a Russian at the courthouse the other day, lets boycott courthouses.
The liberal banking elite does care about who or which "ideals" win. If they didn't care about who wins, they wouldn't be involved with lobbyist who pay politicians on their behalf. Anyone who sugges + 263 more characters
Hitler said in a speech that the majority of the worlds money supply resides with a handful of jewish bankers. Shortly afterwards he was invaded. Kadafi said the same thing, and suggested an alternati + 321 more characters
I would like to publically congratulate Astrid Allen for her state and regional championships at the silver gloves tournaments in Bozeman and Boise. She will be competing for a national title in Misso + 487 more characters
Didn't know you were an anti-Semite Gunner. Oh wait, yes I did.
Does you tube count as social media in your opinion HAL? I am no fan of facebook either. But since I am part jewsish through my Buckner side of the family, I get my news from jewish sources such as I + 77 more characters
Get your news where you want, one side says one thing the other side says another. But remember this, you people who get your news from CNN and other liberal bullhorns. Those bull horns told you Hilla + 491 more characters
That's not true Hal. This did happen, and there are many different sites talking about it. It is only the left cnn audience that are calling those that talk about it "Fake news" sites. I just won + 792 more characters
If anyone out there was on the fence or still wondering what the liberal agenda is, this outlines liberal policy.
The UN report said the Russians committed crimes, but it is the UN criminal court that the Russians are dropping out of. Sounds like he said she said. The International court offers bs evidence to con + 438 more characters
I may seem to be a vocal opponent of this web site at times, as well as the views of both the "ultra leftist" like amoretti and the "moderate left" like the web master. However I like this site. It is + 1311 more characters
BS Gunner. The Tea party's main platform is protectionism rather than globalism. In that respect, the tea party "not the repubs or democrats" won this election.
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RON PAUL for secretary of state, there's you another life changing experience. AUDIT the FED!!!!
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