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'due process' Oh fuck me oddy, you're HILARIOUS. This ISN'T a trial, it's a JOB INTERVIEW.
I would think that the events of the last several weeks in Miles City would make people question the idea that people who are telling the truth are people who came forward immediately and vocally, but + 16 more characters
Oh for christ sake.
Oddy thinks I knew something, I'm trying to tell him I didn't. Or should I have accused everyone that we thought might have been a closeted homosexual (which is what it boiled down to at the time) of + 18 more characters
I didn't know anything about this beyond Mr. Jensen being a weird dude who made me uncomfortable as fuck, and that now, 25 years later, I am completely unsurprised by the allegations coming forth. I w + 549 more characters
I've got a gallon or so of frozen red currants - if I press them out, would that enhance the cider at all?
So, I've got 5 gallons of crabapples (and access to as many more as I want) in a bucket waiting to be processed into something. I'd like to make a cider out of them (maybe including the red currants I + 809 more characters
I'm fully behind Mr. Rice getting justice for these people - I know a lot of them, and if the CCDHS Teacher's Union was involved in this horror then fuck them. Oddy wants this to prove his political p + 23 more characters
Yup. My mom sent me this link earlier, and I didn't even have to open it up to know who they were talking about. He looooved to give rub downs, if I remember correctly...
Yes, those both seem like an unbiased source of facts. Personnaly I prefer, but that's just me...
I really do wish that someday you'll have the opportunity to experience a little bit of the immiseration you so gleefully wish on others. I know that makes me a little bit of a bad person, but I'll ge + 5 more characters
Is there a hill you WON'T demand to die on oddy?
Lot of brown people's blood, tears and futures have gone into that 'never forget', which have, ironically, been mostly forgotten.
And yet, I feel distinctly un-dumbfounded, watching Dear Leader try and work the word 'anonymous' past his dentures.
Oh, the rickster.
url Did BLM exist in the 1850's?
But you know who REALLY mismanaged timber resources? Yeah, that's right - the TEACHER'S UNIONS
Can you BE a traitor to a party of traitors? that's some pretty meta shit you're bringing today Snowball.
Not to get into a pie fight with Mr. Gunnar, but John McCain was no friend of melanin-enhanced.
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