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I'm sure it'll make another great compound for whichever flavor of 'sovereign citizen' nabs it. As for the answer to your last question... I'm going with 'Head Trauma'.
Coal's deader then Zed, baby... [Edited by Bridgier (9/15/2017 2:42:29 PM)]
What. the. fuck?
Once, when I was but a callow youth, and Bernie but a lowly Representative from Vermont, I told a co-worker that, if I ever had the chance, I'd be happy to cast a vote for Bernie Sanders for President + 747 more characters
Well, this is strange - I could swear I posted a reply to cubby and RJ's nonsense, but there's as much evidence for it as Mr. Trump's sense of shame. Oh well - the gist of it's been covered by Richard + 377 more characters
Wow, you people are old
url It's all an illusion man....
Oh snowy, I'd LOVE to call you by your real name...
Holy fuck, is early-onset dementia a requirement for the Republican party, or merely strongly recommended? [Edited by Bridgier (8/24/2017 1:28:22 PM)]
sure, sure, anyone that mattered, absolutely. I doubt anyone will forget the south's treason in defense of slavery, regardless if the monuments and statues are removed from public property.
I'm sure it sounded better in the original german - ARBEITS MACHS FRIE, amirite?
The man from snowy plains isn't an idiot like the current crop of neo-nazi pondscum - he knows that his neighbors/employer probably would shun him like a case of third-stage syphilis. He'd be right, b + 87 more characters
I'm sure they're Canadian hurricanes anyways.
I only donate to gofundme accounts after I've verified they didn't vote for trump.
I have banned all Bernie discussion in my house.
Dunning-Krueger award winner.
er... just who do you think the parties in this particular legal action ARE?
Well, at least he's sort of polite in his racism, and went with Native Americans instead of some of his other options. That's the best the republicans seem to have these days, Nice Polite Racists.
Thank God we've got someone who's willing to stand up for the little guy against predatory monopolies in charge of the FCC.
plus then you'll have plenty of time to hit the klan rally circuit.
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