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I'm confused, is MCD running for office? Does she have some sort of stewardship over public funds that might create an ethical conflict? Is she hiding behind a pseudonym because she's wants to talk bi + 93 more characters
The peasants and rubes can't wait to line up to give their votes to the 'self-made man'. It might be thin gruel, but at least it's better than what the blahs get, AMIRITE?
Polonium flu is no laughing matter.
What sort of misanthrope would bash such a well-written post?
oh ffs.
Why bother trying?
How many potatoes does it take to starve an Irishman? None.
My god, is there no end to the liberal fascism?
I can't help it if you bought a house within an area subject to lawful annexation.
Laws, how do they work?
My earliest memories of Miles City are probably about 5 years later than Larry's, and kind of form an inverse - we eventually lived on a place just south of town that his grandparents had owned (altho + 943 more characters
Cool story bro...
I would imagine she characterized it as mean because she felt it was directed at her husband, who has dyslexia. I can appear to be an asshole, but if I felt you were picking on my wife, then I'd proba + 25 more characters
Conservatives really hate having things shoved down their throats, but they LOVE to talk about it.
Did they decide to try starting extra innings with a runner on second?
I can hardly imagine why feel you had a difficult time making deep ties to the community. [Edited by Bridgier (2/28/2017 8:30:17 AM)]
What would Lenny Bruce think of Milo Yiannopoulos? Discuss.
Ike's trying to figure out the exchange rate with the ruble. He'll be back to bidding shortly I'm sure.
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