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Well, let's hold off on the high-fives and handjobs just yet - since they both have been in the NCAA, Montana leads the series 32-28, since they've both been in the Big Sky, Montana leads the series 3 + 50 more characters
Oh yes, this. It's strange that whenever this gets raised, it's never mentioned that most of those wins were racked up in the era when the Grizzlies played against what would eventually become substa + 142 more characters
Nope, I'm one of those antinomians who answers only to the county.
All I can say is, nobody had better take a knee in the voting booth, because WHY DO YOU HATE THE TROOPS?
url My uncle shows up here at about 2:18, presumably to explain how he always knew Mr. Wentz was going go on to one day dissect the Broncos' secondary
It doesn't hurt when you've got teams just GIVING you offensive weapons like Jay Ajyia (sp) for pennies.
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Dobule wow, because I find myself agreeing with Oddy.
Duncan Stanley - You mean Simon?
Well, you know what they say - God loves drunks and fools... and creatures named for Jim Bridger. [Edited by Bridgier (10/31/2017 12:20:32 PM)]
I would hate to be perceived as overly pedantic, but Mr. Shipley is running for City Judge, not Mayor. Whether or not that's more or less concerning is up to Cubby.
Zinke != Gianforte
Well, that didn't take long.
Honestly, cats are a bit of a disaster to the local wildlife. I vote to keep them inside
The pumping plant seems to be running low on lithium.
Allison was in my class, they left after sixth grade, if I remember correctly.
We're going to multiply our nuclear arsenal by 10x... better cut food stamps instead.
Really shu? A portrait of a mad father devouring his own children to maintain his own power and authority and you can't see how that might be relevant on the topic of guns and America?
Daniel K. Allen.
These personal attacks will make cubby very sad. SAD!
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