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I know both of the candidates, and believe both to be stand up citizens, however Jeff is FAR more qualified for this position. He has my vote!
Jobie doesn't like ladders? Maybe have him try STILTS! I Love to see your posts about Jobie.
Any word?
best guess is about 3 weeks old
See you at the Country Club!!
Hi Brandy I am not familiar with before school program's but ROCKS is a great after school program. They offer bus service and do lots of activities with the kids.
The Jackpot shoot went great! Thanks to all who showed up early to help set up and to all who helped tear down. The Thursday night shoots are dome for the year, however a few of us are still going to + 118 more characters
The range fee is a one time fee for all shooters. The fun shoots include a Quick draw, A Texas Star, Bowling pin shoot, and a Steel challenge. If you are tired of just punching paper come on out and h + 115 more characters
The Jackpot shoot will take place this Saturday 23 Sep registration starts at 8:30 and shooting will commence shortly after 9:00 am. Come and have some fun! 4 idpa / uspsa style stages that are timed + 353 more characters
Why cant it be both like Schroedingers cat?
For it being that far away it sure is smoky here in MC!
Anybody hear about size or containment?
I heard it was a new location for Deluxe Motors
Being born in 1964 the Cuban Missile Crisis is less than a distant memory for me, I do not see a problem with establishing relations with them. Fidel Castro is ill and his son I understand is in power + 111 more characters
IMHO I think Israel is done playing nice and are not about to stop aggressions based on possible sanctions. Thoughts anyone?
I am all for Tucker's idea as long as he is NOT one of the shoe shiners! LOL
I have lots of peonie plants in the yard and have tried several times but I have never had a bud bloom in a vase. Sorry.
Anyone have any info on when? I thought they usually had one before BHS week.
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How much are you asking?