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I heard it was a new location for Deluxe Motors
Being born in 1964 the Cuban Missile Crisis is less than a distant memory for me, I do not see a problem with establishing relations with them. Fidel Castro is ill and his son I understand is in power + 111 more characters
IMHO I think Israel is done playing nice and are not about to stop aggressions based on possible sanctions. Thoughts anyone?
I am all for Tucker's idea as long as he is NOT one of the shoe shiners! LOL
I have lots of peonie plants in the yard and have tried several times but I have never had a bud bloom in a vase. Sorry.
Anyone have any info on when? I thought they usually had one before BHS week.
Where is the meeting going to happen?
They have a nice local history museum. Cant remember the name of it though
What Celebrities?
Don't post pictures like this!! Last thing we need is any more California tourists seeing how beautiful Southeastern Montana is.
Stages look like fun, sorry I'll miss it, I am going antelope hunting.
Why don't we just move it one half hour and leave it the he## alone!
I still can't find the spelling error!
Look's like some fun stages! Cant wait!
Are they planning on returning the ability to view the webcam full screen? My office has no window and I use it in full screen to make it seem like it does!
Has anyone heard if they are shooting this week or is it on hold for the fair?
Why do blonds wear panties? To keep their ankles warm!
What is the fastest way to kill a blond? Put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool.
Everyone has a list of them. lets see some new ones! example: Why do blondes put TGIF on the backs of their shoes? Toes Go In First! I know its an old one but a good example.
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