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url You will have to (1) click onto the video screen, (2) scroll down past the Century 21 building that comes up and (3) click on the screen again.
She disappeared after a car accident near Circle, lived in Bozeman. url
Recently an adopted woman by the name of Lisa gave some DNA in an effort to find her relatives. She was surprised to find out she was a 6-month-old girl that went missing in New Hampshire with her mot + 1887 more characters
The delay on the vote was apparently due to some sort of miscommunication between Chairman/Chairperson Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Maria Cantwell, the ranking Democrat on the committee. url [Ed + 44 more characters
The Missoulian seems to believe it has something to do with Zinke contradicting Trump on the climate change "hoax". I wonder if the president has put Zinke's confirmation on hold and wants to talk th + 112 more characters
Let's start by making the roads safer by banning motorcycles.......ooops, Rep Usher owns a motorcycle shop. And as I see it, the Montana legal definition of highways also refers to county dirt roads. + 47 more characters
This proposed bill does not yet have a number. url url
Some of these are starters (Brock Osweiler, of course) Brock Coyle, #52, LB Seattle (U of Montana) Jordan Tripp, #58, LB Green Bay, (U of Montana) Brock Osweiler, Quarterback, Houston (Kalispell) Mike + 134 more characters
Some questions: How much is this law going to cost in new headlights since headlights (or bulbs) will have to be replaced more often? In the last 15 years I have had to replace one headlight (which I + 739 more characters
I think the "and" refers to each instance headlights are required. Headlights are required (1)from dusk to dawn, (2)and they are required on 2-lane roads, and (3) they are required in fog, and (4) the + 496 more characters
HB174 would require headlights to be on all day on 2-lane highways, except when driving thru towns. url I did a quick check of the headlight laws in other states and could not find any that required t + 827 more characters
If you want to track an airline flight go to url, and type in the airline and flight number. (Delta 2654, for example) If you want to see the flights in the air (for example around Billings) go to url + 236 more characters
I assume if anyone has any questions they can go to the Miles City Fire and Rescue site, click on the Contact button, scroll down the page to the email box. url
You are running two programs at the same time. The 3:00 to 5:00 talk show is airing at the same time as the regular music is playing. I called both the Star and KATL, apparently nobody is at either bu + 197 more characters
Wikipedia indicates Fort Keogh was originally 100 square miles or 64,000 acres but is now down to 55,000 acres. Someone probably added another zero. It is easy to confuse 100 square miles with 100 mil + 39 more characters
I think her dad was an employee at Fort Keogh, maybe ran the thing. url [Edited by Don Birkholz (12/30/2016 5:06:13 PM)]
I see Paula Woodward has just written a book on the JonBenet mystery. The title is "We Have Your Daughter". I see it is available on ebay and Amazon (reviews on Amazon).
Frederick Somers is a landscape painter from Minnesota, his art is valued at up to 15,000$. Fred married Avis Paeth who lived at 602 South Montana back in the 1950's. Avis was the daughter of Otto and + 295 more characters
url Hope the ranchers are all able to get to feed their livestock, especially the sheep. Three foot drifts here around the buildings and some spots on the private roads. [Edited by Don Birkholz (12/26 + 19 more characters
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RE: Found license plate one month ago
Take it in to the county treasurer. They can find its owner quickly.
also a 1921 Packard url Click on the "see photos now"