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It is from the Hanson's Dairy. A lady in Kansas City is selling a huge collection of Milk bottle caps. Apparently the collector went around to grocery stores in the 1940's and bought milk bottles for + 285 more characters
The last several years I have used nothing but chicken gizzards and I seem to only catch catfish, all sizes. I get a frozen box from the local IGA.
The fatality has been identified as Gregory Ferrin of Ellensburg Washington (source KTVQ)
Actually it was a head on collision with a minivan. The driver of the minivan was killed, the truck driver is o.k. url The last I heard, they have no idea who the driver of the minivan was. Might have + 261 more characters
Semi went off the highway 212 several miles east of Broadus (mile marker 82) and burst into flames closing the highway for one hour from 4:30 pm to 5:30. [Edited by Don Birkholz (4/28/2018 7:35:44 PM) + 1 more characters
url She was sitting next to the woman killed by the mishap.
The charges have been dismissed for now: url
Where is Jud Heathcote when we need him??? url
There was supposed to be a preliminary hearing yesterday (Feb 20), for the prosecution to present its case in court. The word I have is that this has been delayed until March. Bail reduction denied [E + 45 more characters
Ollie was around 18 miles north northeast of Baker, up against the North Dakota border and just south of Carlyle. url [Edited by Don Birkholz (2/18/2018 2:30:27 PM)]
Two more news articles: Doss claims shooting in self defense: url Shania's obituary and more: url [Edited by Don Birkholz (1/30/2018 7:11:34 PM)]
Name of shooting victim confirmed url Bail is set at 500,000$ Case referred to Public Defender's Office [Edited by Don Birkholz (1/29/2018 3:20:06 PM)] When Shania died, she was attempting to find hom + 321 more characters
url Over by Moon Creek A few more details: url [Edited by Don Birkholz (1/27/2018 8:07:37 PM)] According to his Facebook account, he is new to Miles City and went to North Idaho College. [Edited by Do + 317 more characters
The 1930 Custer County census lists one Biedrzycki family as Joseph, Grace, and Robert (the DJ who was in the accident). Another Biedrzycki family was listed as Anthony, Lucille, and Paul. The 1930 ce + 322 more characters
Back in the 1950's, I recall a disc jockey was on his way to work at a radio station in the early morning and did not show up at the radio station and was fired. A search was on for his vehicle and da + 381 more characters
url Number of casualties unknown
The fire NW of Broadus is on the Krutzfeldts (and others). Ashes are falling in Broadus from the 40,000 acre fire in Custer National forest.
This serial killer who used many aliases and is suspected of killing at least six women and children has been identified as Terry Rasmussen, born in Denver in 1943. url
Stormy Gale recently lived in Broadus and had notices on bulletin boards looking for work url
5,000 acres north of Miles City url
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