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There is a men's league, but its usually in the winter months. Not sure who's in charge of it, but I know they play at MCC. Usually when its getting close to time, someone will advertise it on this si + 3 more characters
From talking to folks in town, it sounds like there's bit of a misconception that this proposal was just for a budget reduction, or reduction in force, at Fort Keogh. That isn't really the case, folks + 605 more characters
Haven't got your tickets yet? TOMORROW IS THE DEADLINE! Tickets will be available at Red Rock Sporting Goods until Noon tomorrow (Tuesday, March 7th.) DON'T WAIT! Steak dinner, fun raffles, the ever-p + 58 more characters
BIG NEWS!!! Thanks to one of our amazing generous sponsors, Miles City Liquors and Fine Wines, we are going to have a fantastic 8/day, 7/night trip to a popular out-of-the-country destination up for d + 136 more characters
Tickets available at Red Rock now!
Get your tickets now for Tongue River Pheasants Forever's 10th Annual Banquet! When: Saturday, March 11th. Doors open at 5:00, dinner at 6:00, live auction and Rooster Races to follow Where: Town & Co + 731 more characters
One other thing - those who get water from the fire house are billed quarterly for it. Where does those funds go? Can they be used to make the necessary repairs? Just curious. Thanks again!
Thank you for the response. Hopefully there will be funds available at some point to make the necessary repairs! If a member of the public needs water, is the hose you mentioned available? And if so, + 182 more characters
Have tried that and don't seem to find anyone there, or at least not someone that knows anything.
Does anyone know the status of the public water spigot at the fire house? Its been unavailable for about two weeks, I assumed because it was froze up (?) - I know it had a pretty good leaky drip this + 492 more characters
Since Pacific closed, Border Steel would be the only place I can think of at the moment that may buy aluminum cans. BUT - you can also donate them to EMI for recycling.
I don't believe the club supplies any shells. The only supply the clay pigeons. Anything shotgun-related is up to the shooter, or at least has been in years past.
Where is the play taking place at?
Amorette, Actually, Makoshika State Park does allow camping. The sites with electricity generally require a reservation, but any site without electricity is fair game and first-come, first-served. Th + 1002 more characters
If anyone wants to renew their membership but can't come to the banquet, you can do that! $35 is all! We'd be glad to help!
Deadline for tickets is two weeks from today and seats are limited. DON'T WAIT for tickets!
We had our work Christmas party at the bowling alley in December and had a great experience as well! We had a wide variety of folks bowling, including young kids, and everyone had a fun evening. Curt + 363 more characters
Our gun selection is OUTSTANDING this year! Hurry - get your tickets now!
Get your tickets now!
The Tongue River Chapter of Pheasants Forever proudly announces their 9th Annual Banquet! This year's event is Saturday, March 19th, at the Town & Country Club in Miles City. Doors open and silent au + 1118 more characters
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