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The list of parcels is twenty years old, before they start sales, it should at least be reevaluated. Also, with the oceans beginning to rise, the 'glades won't be dry much longer.....
Of course, an internet troll doing his/her thing while having lunch is: a Masticating Master Exacerbater.
Also, some of the choices are local / State races, so your vote DOES count!
From Wikipedia, et al: Lego A/S, doing business as The Lego Group, is a family-owned company based in Billund, Denmark. So, what part of Japan is this?
Nope, that is the new dental services building. 1st Interstate hasn't actually started digging yet.
Summer reading program at the library. Hannah will have sign up information available closer to summer.
I am with Amorette on this. So many other things would be simplified and doable if the entire town was out of the flood zone. Plenty of room for housing and industry within the current town boundries, + 62 more characters
Does she float?
Thank you, Larry. It is definitely nicer now, I can jump to whatever follows the mega thread, without wearing out my screen with all the scrolling.
I like the current next topic button, but would like to see it at the bottom of the comments also.
This is pretty spiffy, but when they showed opening a Skype call, what does the other person see, do they see your goggles and mouth? I think that would be odd. Curious minds, and all that.
So, what is the beer?
And, let's not forget "Hospitality Hostess" .
So, do we have a location yet?
FYI..... url
See you all there!
Different Wendy Wilson passed away on the first. Confusion reigns.
We need people interested in carpentry, sewing, dance, music, acting, working with children, working without children, painting, graphic design, electrical and electronic work, sound design and operat + 179 more characters
Do I need a prepared song or speech to audition?
All tickets are $7.00 each. Hope to see you at the show!
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I am just setting up shop at the moment, I have the '51 Chrysler radio on the bench. When I work through that, I would like to look at the other items requested on here. I will post some updates as I + 145 more characters
I would be interested in your project. Do you just need it to work, or do you want it restored? I may be able to replace the dried out capacitors, and give it a good cleaning, but it would no longer b + 50 more characters