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Somewhat off topic I suppose for this thread, but... Was looking at some old Miles City post cards and found a few that pictured a power plant in Miles City, I wasn't aware such a thing existed. From + 150 more characters
That would be interesting... Is that picture I linked to also found in the "Poplar to Papua" book? In the textbook in which this pic is found a couple of chapters before this one talks about the impor + 171 more characters
If you can spot the Glacier Park sign the MC is diagonally up to the right on pg. 375
Go here- http://svcalt.mt.gov/education/textbook/Chapter19/Chapter19.pdf Look at page 375, on the far right you can faintly see the sign that says "Miles City", does anyone recognize maybe who that is + 9 more characters
Thanks Kent, I'll look into it-
Taking our 3 kids to a Rockies game in May. Can anyone recommend a kid friendly hotel near Coors that maybe even offers a shuttle to the game (is there such thing?) Thanks-
As part of a class I am taking I had to attend a community arts event and write a response. An additional part of the assignment required that I share the response. I felt this might be a decent place + 2434 more characters
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Looking for tires 3 days ago
Looking for two 265/70 R15 - highway tread NOT mud/snow, knobby etc. two 165/80 R15 These need not be in great shape just hold air - I need them to mock up a vehicle and check fitment. 853-4169 Thanks
RE: A Few Items.... 17 days ago
I called and left a message on the bow but haven't heard back from you. Please call Dan 853-4169. Thanks