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Saw "Aslan" mentioned here and thought this thread might be about "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis, which is one of my favorite books of all time....DANG, I'm disappointed.
...what's a "slimball"???
Gunnar, for the most-part I enjoy your posts here at and have laughed at a few of them. ...But I see your logic of stereotyping Trump supporters (no, I don't support him nor did I support Hilla + 1169 more characters
Congratulations to my alma mater the Montana Grizzlies' men's b-ball team for winning the Big Sky! They conquered Eastern Washington in the championship game 82-65! Now for the really tough part: they + 447 more characters
YEEESSS!!! And it happened because DONALD TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT!!! YAAAAAAYYYY!!! Couldn't resist. Anyway, that was an awesome game. Glad they won.
Larry Brence I'm just curious: which school did you play for back then? I didn't play b-ball (wrestled instead) but was a student at Sacred Heart at that time. My first 3 years Sacred Heart was in Di + 294 more characters
CONSIDERABLY Older??? Hmmmm...
"Wow, that looks considerably different than the 4C of my youth..." Yeah Bridgier, I was thinking the same thing. I think back in your youth the district number was different - maybe 2C or 3C - and th + 901 more characters
Thanks for the clarification Cubby. Due to the timing/graduation year I thought the 2 Barrys were one and the same. My mistake.
url Some more detail on that thread regarding Bridgier's wrestling career, including some commentary from Bridgier, himself. Little did we know at that time that the young wrestler Barry Anderson ment + 434 more characters
Saw it a couple weeks ago. After the part where Luke Skywalker squeezed the breast of that 4-boobed giant mutant seal or walrus or whatever that creature was and drank it's milk, it was kind-of a blur + 63 more characters
GUNNAR!!! Stop being prejudiced against those who are stupid!
Speaking for myself, I have always had deep respect for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and for his efforts and accomplishments throughout the American civil rights movement in the name of racial equality. + 515 more characters
(getting a popcorn refill)- If I could think of some comment to post that was in any way helpful to this thread I would do so, but...well...I don't have a DOG in this fight. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-TSSST! Get + 179 more characters
VERY well-said, Richard.
Yep, Stitt is's for the best. Stitt has a rep as being one of the great offensive minds of the age, but he obviously didn't cut it as a head coach at this level. Wish him well, and I hope his + 81 more characters
It's so weird seeing 2 teams from the WEST playing for the state A championship....and also strange seeing Forsyth playing in Class C. Such is life, I guess.
Sorry to hear about this. Never had him as a coach myself, but interviewed him a few times while at KATL. He was always polite and easy to talk football with and such. My condolences to all his family + 23 more characters
Therese, I did hear from Amy about his passing. Being that I grew up one block away from your family I have all kinds of memories of growing up with all of you. My sincere condolences to you all. I am + 88 more characters
Cowboys had a rough start to the season with back-to-back losses to Billings Central and Laurel, but have improved game-by-game since then. I checked the Gazette website but haven't gotten much info o + 278 more characters
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