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VERY well-said, Richard.
Yep, Stitt is's for the best. Stitt has a rep as being one of the great offensive minds of the age, but he obviously didn't cut it as a head coach at this level. Wish him well, and I hope his + 81 more characters
It's so weird seeing 2 teams from the WEST playing for the state A championship....and also strange seeing Forsyth playing in Class C. Such is life, I guess.
Sorry to hear about this. Never had him as a coach myself, but interviewed him a few times while at KATL. He was always polite and easy to talk football with and such. My condolences to all his family + 23 more characters
Therese, I did hear from Amy about his passing. Being that I grew up one block away from your family I have all kinds of memories of growing up with all of you. My sincere condolences to you all. I am + 88 more characters
Cowboys had a rough start to the season with back-to-back losses to Billings Central and Laurel, but have improved game-by-game since then. I checked the Gazette website but haven't gotten much info o + 278 more characters
Wow. I myself have criticized both Amorette and Mary Catherine for their posts on this website but, yeah, gunsngold is taking things too far here. As for myself, it seems the original intent of this p + 382 more characters
RIP Tom. Grew up with his music. Got a couple of his albums. He's not learning to fly, he's flying now. Will miss him.
I've seen several postings and photos of her on Facebook in honor of the event. Congratulations to her on the milestone, indeed! Best to all the Bonine clan.
Saw them at the Custer High Gym when I was a kid. I think Meadowlark Lemon had already left the team but they still had Geese Ausby, Curly Neal and that one guy with the huge afro. I enjoyed that quit + 8 more characters
...I'm still waiting for Mary Catherine to blame Trump for this...
My mother, Babs Pius, still teaches piano. Usually kids, but she may work with an adult too. You could ask her?
It's not consequential to me. I don't use profanity much at all so I don't mind it staying as it is.
No Amorette, that would be YOU who does the name-calling and stereotyping...and quite frankly, you are childish when you do so. I appreciate the option to hide the political stuff, Larry. Thanks for a + 93 more characters
Geez, give it a rest, Mary Catherine! This website actually used to be enjoyable before you decided to turn it into your own personal Trump-bashing website. I don't like Trump either but DANG. Seems l + 154 more characters
Pretty sure I've seen this before by way of Hal's hand ether here or on FB, but it is pretty cool. Every time I see that menu or one similar to it from that era, I ask myself the same question most ot + 114 more characters
The mosquito problem reaching the point where that pesticide truck would spray all that nasty, smelly chemical all over town...and it still didn't seem to help much? Also Howard Letke's Ice Cream truc + 161 more characters
Points well-made, guys...and I did say on another recent post that I do respect Amorette's right to an opinion (as I do everyone else's) I just think she's aggressive and rude at times when she expres + 535 more characters
Something about this thread is bugging me... ...I do agree that Tim calling-out Amorette over a simple misspelling in the local paper is a bit over-the-top. It is minutiae to say the least. In my opin + 1876 more characters
I will attempt - probably in vain - to get this thread back on-track with two of my favorite literary quotes: "Words are like leaves and where they most abound, Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely f + 259 more characters
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