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"best president of the United states in history?" Better than Lincoln,Washington and FDR? ....Wow....Yes,the economy has improved since chump took office.Don't think it quite stacks up to leading us o + 83 more characters
google "Veterans Choice Program Inprovement act"....a bill sponsered by Tester and three GOPers including McCain.... google "Veterans treatment Court Act Montana" Even if you do think Tester didn't do + 191 more characters
Deb for sure.Absolutely worth the wait.
Well I too attended CCHS in the seventies.My recollections are quite different.My History teacher was Howard Ledke.I remember when our class was discussing the Battle of Little Big Horn.After reading + 645 more characters
So far,the list is pretty short on support over the summit.Pence,David Duke,and a few others.Oh,my bad-Sean Hannity,who has his head so far up Trumps ass he can taste the Don's hair spray....
After months of carefull study,most behavioral experts agree that they have figured out how to spot when Trump is lying.....His lips are moving....
As far as I know,all of the above and more,except Chump Junior.....can you imagine Secret Service Gmen trying to fight off a throng of drunken giddy GOP Trump junkie cowboys?
Excellent show!
Rob Shipley!
The pawn shop you are referring to was called Cowtown Antiques.Although Lyle would have you think otherwise,the pawn shop and the Wild Horse Pavillion were in fact owned by Maryonna Johnson,Lyle's sig + 18 more characters
According to Lyle,yes he tossed Jesse the Body Ventura outta the Wild Horse.According to Jesse,in one of his autobiographies he said he had never even been to Montana when asked about the alleged affa + 210 more characters
The Bagley Grain Elevator was torn down approximately in 2010.If you Google map it,it is there in 2009 and gone in 2011.
I also remember the Choates,although they left when I was just a kid.I never heard Rufus called that,it was always Rufe.Yes,he was one tough SOB,but also a real character.The Choate place was in the S + 1306 more characters
At one time the Klamms owned that entire pie slice of land.The now Evergreen Landscaping building,previously Barneys Bar and before that Klamms Bar,originally was Klamm Motors,a Packard Automobile dea + 170 more characters
Too bad Robbie is banned,here is a place where his tens of thousands of on-line legal research hours might be usefull....
At least no one is blaming the two young coyotes that were spotted in the area last week.....
Mr. Shipley-You also sent me a vulgar Email message last week in which you accused me of insulting you.
Mr. Shipley - I think you misunderstand me.I was not questioning nor condemning the state of your property.As I don't live close to you the condition of your residence is not my business nor due I car + 571 more characters
"whatever anyone else ever does with his/her own life and property, is never any of my business, and, never can be." Have you ever been to Mexico,Mr.Shipley? The auto repair shops there pile their use + 276 more characters
Mr. Shipley-You stated "Never owned a .45" And you know this how? Did she eventually admit she was lying? Or are you going to stick by your assumption that a woman rarely owns a high powered handgun? + 338 more characters
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