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Mr. Shipley-You also sent me a vulgar Email message last week in which you accused me of insulting you.
Mr. Shipley - I think you misunderstand me.I was not questioning nor condemning the state of your property.As I don't live close to you the condition of your residence is not my business nor due I car + 571 more characters
"whatever anyone else ever does with his/her own life and property, is never any of my business, and, never can be." Have you ever been to Mexico,Mr.Shipley? The auto repair shops there pile their use + 276 more characters
Mr. Shipley-You stated "Never owned a .45" And you know this how? Did she eventually admit she was lying? Or are you going to stick by your assumption that a woman rarely owns a high powered handgun? + 338 more characters
According to Wikipedia,42 of the 48 states ratified the amendment.
Hilary and Obama are yesterday's news,fake or real. I don't see anything better since they're gone-the ruling GOP can't even agree with itself.I just don't understand why Trump won't release his tax r + 401 more characters
"The fires weren't a result of no rain but due to the lack of forest management" Uhm......Month after month of 90 plus degree temperatures,absolutely no moisture and throw in some lightening......Gee + 71 more characters
Tripe Troll............yepper..
Townes van Zant CCR Reckless Kelly
Uhm.....Is it totally inconceivable that a Democrat could actually do something right? What do campaign contributions have to do with doing right?
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