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Distant cousins. He kept in close touch with one in Norway and they visited back and forth.
Sorry, that is an AP story and they provide the headlines.
Just came back from George's funeral. Graveside services will be followed by lunch at the Parlor so if you missed the services, please, join at the Parlor for food and conversation, two of George's fa + 14 more characters
Someone came in the office today asking a question and I thought, you know who would know the answer? George. Broke my heart a little.
I own an autographed copy. It belonged to my mother. Don't need another, I guess.
The last touchstone of my childhood. He worked with my mother, Gordie Spear, Pat Gudmundson and Sue Connors in the greatest newsroom the Star ever had. He took my wedding pictures. I will miss him. Wh + 144 more characters
The man is dead so let's just leave it there. But the song nearly put me off Robert Preston for the rest of my life.
I HATED that song. Still do.
Yes. She was George Winston's first piano teacher. She taught my brothers and I as well. A waste of time for my older brother and I but Bart is musical. Lived in a little house behind the Presbyterian + 165 more characters
I should have spelled it correctly but it was wrong in the 1992 Star and I like consistency. Names spelled wrong? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Wow. The things I find out doing Stardust. A week ago 100 years ago, Miss Esther Cox married Archie Benson. THIS week, the new Mrs. Benson's father dragged the new Mrs. Benson's husband to court for a + 228 more characters
You know, if you hang out with drug addicts, everyone is a drug addict. If you hang around with cultured people with an education, who are constantly trying and achieving, you will think every is an i + 423 more characters
I love Miles City. Yes, there are problems. We live in the real world. Is the stuff Scotterdog muttering about true? Not from what I know and I work for the newspaper. Yeah, we don't have oil jobs in + 202 more characters
I know how much Bridger Wood weighed in 1992.
Looking forward to something fun and cheerful this February!
I wonder what his hallucinogen of choice is? Coz he smokin' some GOOD stuff.
Buren Bonine, owner of Western Pharmacy, was elected president of the Miles City Club Saturday night. Other new officers are Wes Munsell, vice president; Boyce Clarke, re-elected secretary, and Ross E + 158 more characters
Yeah. The January thaw will be followed by the February freeze. I am going out the front door for the next few days. There is NO drainage on the back walk and it is three inches deep in water, ice and + 23 more characters
The state just did a BIG re-assessing of all property a year or two ago. My house tripled in assessed value but my taxes didn't go up triple. They went up but not as badly as I thought they would. Wer + 239 more characters
Wow. In 1917, the Milwaukee Railroad was experimenting with oil fueled locomotives. They were more efficient than coal burners and didn't start fires all over the place. Eliminated the job of the fire + 107 more characters
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REUNITED and it was beautiful! Score another one for the Miles City Area Dog Rescuers.
Seriously, man. Vegas. Those dogs should have a show in Vegas.
Those dogs should be in Vegas doing a show as escape artists.
How can someone own that cute dog and not be missing it?!?!