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I've been trying. No luck so far with those boys but I have had a few other contacts. I admit I was never able to slog through the book myself but I was surprised to learn our editor didn't even know + 55 more characters
First they had to pull up the oil-soaked wood blocks they had used as paving. Starting right now 100 years ago.
I would hate to be Jeff Essmann in a dark hallway at the capitol if Geraldine Custer catches him. Yowch. We will be voting at MCC for the special election here in old Milestown.
He'll be here in 25 years.
The Don Schott and Ed Trzcinski families had a big day on April 5. Mrs. Schott, the former Ruth Trzcinski, who was expecting her fourth child, went to the hospital early in the morning. Don and three + 400 more characters
BIRTHS--A son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Schott (Ruth Trzcinski).
As I understand it, the Main Street location will close, as will the Main Street location of Rolling Rubber so there will be two empty buildings across the street from each other. Yay?
Bless you. I miss the gold old days when we could chat about stuff without the conservatives dropping in to call us names.
The USDA is to be cut 20% and programs to provide clean water systems for rural residents is going to be cut completely. So no small town or community in Montana can get help with their clean water is + 206 more characters
It's brilliant. Poor people will die for lack of accessible healthcare and won't draw on their Social Security so the hyper-rich can raid that while destroying our country.
It is normal to ask for the resignations of federal prosecutors. What is NOT normal is telling them to clear out their desks immediately. The NORMAL procedure is to wait until the new prosecutor has b + 149 more characters
Actually, it predates my time by a year or two. I think it was right around the turn of the century.
The GOP healthcare plan is brilliant! People will die of easily treated health issues before they can collect Social Security. Two birds, one stone.
Remember, shoplifted crap is more valuable than a human life. At least, crap is more important than life to gun nuts.
It was dark inside and film was slow.
Destroyed Montana Power. Used to be called a 'widows and orphans' stock because it was dependable. We lost thousands of our first retirement fund to that disaster. Thank you, Wall Street bankers.
My brother has some wonderful old black and white photos of my family dining at the Crossroads. Fond memories.
If I get started, I will never stop. . . .
Insult me all you want. I have a tough skin. Leave my family out of it. It's that simple.
If you hang out with drug dealers, all you know are drug dealers. I don't hang out with drug dealers and don't know a single one personally. Try joining a church or social or service organization. The + 54 more characters
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