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Am I the only one who finds the name of Joe Heretick morbidly amusing?
I was going to say this. My younger brother swears by it. However, there is often a wait. He goes at least an hour early on Saturday before she even opens.
Deepest sympathy. But what an amazing life!
I think fire but I'd have to check to be sure.
The Great Falls - Billings Diocese released a list of sexually abusive priests, including at least two who I know were in Miles City. I knew about one but not the other. There's also a Fr. O'Reilly, n + 81 more characters
I saw a Miles City printed bank note on eBay once. Fascinating. It was WAY out of my price range but cool nonetheless.
I remember my mother made a chocolate "moon landing" cake for the occasion.
The company that did them sold them all over the west. Lots of new towns loved those maps. I love all the details. My house, by the way, is on it. ETA: I used to have the original Northern Pacific pla + 204 more characters
Welcome home! We'll miss the wonderful Alaska photos but I know what you mean about wanting to be closer to family.
I thought Tester's ad showed class, something the tRump regime is sadly lacking. Along with intelligence, compassion, competence, knowledge, things like that. tRump, Jr. HAHAHAHAHA
I love listening to the Regressives who posted incredibly nasty racist doctored photos of Obama and his family whine about how insulting it is. Bunch of snowflakes.
How corrupt do you have to be to be too corrupt for the tRump regime? And I see he is being replaced with a coal executive who doesn't think clean air or water matter. Sigh.
I have a couple of big conglomerate stones in my freeze but because there was not much wind, damage was dings on cars but nothing major.
Small branches down, underpass closed, a few dings on cars. There was no wind to speak of and it was the wind blowing the hail that caused the damage in 1967 and 1978. Haven't checked precip amounts b + 38 more characters
7:10 p.m. and we are getting hailed on. Not big and not heavy and not windy but loud when you have a metal roof and are on the second floor. The clouds tonight looked like a storm-tossed sea! Never se + 56 more characters
Beautifully done. Just beautiful. I may cry.
He gave an impromptu press conference and EVERY SINGLE THING HE SAID about ripping children from their parents to throw them in concentration camps was a lie. EVERY SINGLE THING.
and the MFSP again proves he has nothing worthwhile to say.
My brother's house is hidden by trees in the lower left, next to Muri's white house.
Because tRump is delusional and paranoid and imagines things.
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