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He gave an impromptu press conference and EVERY SINGLE THING HE SAID about ripping children from their parents to throw them in concentration camps was a lie. EVERY SINGLE THING.
and the MFSP again proves he has nothing worthwhile to say.
My brother's house is hidden by trees in the lower left, next to Muri's white house.
Because tRump is delusional and paranoid and imagines things.
I thought the White House hit bottom months ago but they keep digging down into the muck. Apparently, when you think, "Oh, my gawd, how low can they go?" they take that as a challenge.
And chilly rain. Lovely BHS weather.
It's only 9:55 a. m. as I type and the polls don't open until noon. At noon, however, I will be heading over to the high school to vote. Yeah, the split shift SUCKED.
I knew she was your mother. Old age brain, I guess.
Monday, May 14, 1943: Girl Scout troop No. 9, under the leadership of Miss Elaine Tschache and Miss Helen Linderberg, donated a one year subscription to American Girl magazine to the Carnegie Public L + 188 more characters
Because Jesus was a middle eastern socialist who believed in love, compassion and kindness. Republicans hate middle eastern socialists and hate love, compassion and kindness.
Gad, has it been THAT long. I guess it has. Feeling old. . . Since I turned 60 this year, I have been feeling OLD all year. Thanks! I remember the scanner I got for posting a bunch. Still like it bett + 21 more characters
The tRumpbots are out in full force on Jon's FB page, lying and insulting folks left and right. Funny thing is, when you post there, you are flagged as a constituent or not. Guess what? The tRumpbots + 140 more characters
When I heard about the phone booth, all I could think of was Maxwell Smart!
He was a lovely person in addition to being a true statesman.
I can never tell you what is going on today but I'm great about what is happening in the past!
From the April 9, 1918 Miles City Daily Star: Sharp Nose, the aged Cheyenne Indian who was run over last Friday by an automobile died yesterday morning at the Miles City hospital. Sharp Nose was 70 ye + 445 more characters
Conservatives hate public education because it makes it harder to keep the masses ignorant. Rich people who can afford private education may be educated but poor people have to be kept down and keepin + 46 more characters
45 minutes to get to the Trail's Inn. I bunged up my knee and will only be there in spirit but my heart will be marching in the sunshine.
Them Bonines sure is bakers. Members of the Prairie Scooters 4-H Club met Saturday in conjunction with the 21st annual Cookie Cook-off. Winners were Megan MacNeil, Gary Bonine, Brian Bonine, Ann Hanso + 20 more characters
It's funny because some of the weather guys in Miles City stopped to figure out it would take 108°F day to bring up the average. It's meant to be funny more than anything else. And, yes, it helps conf + 103 more characters
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