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I basically enjoyed it but I swear, if I never have to sit through an overly-loud space battle with great rolling clouds of orange flame, I will die happily. That movie could have been half an hour sh + 339 more characters
This is why Montana supports tRump. The majority of Montanans are ignorant racists and PROUD OF IT! Snowy plains and his ilk have to look down on brown people to make themselves feel superior to somet + 85 more characters
Kids would pay more attention in history if they added the personal details.
tRump sounds like a not very bright twelve-year-old.
Whenever a Republican is caught with his hand in the cookie jar or colluding with our enemies, he points to a Clinton or to someone of a different superstitious belief or someone with genitals or a br + 305 more characters
Buren Bonine of Miles City must have received one of the most unusual gifts this Christmas. Bonine, owner of Western Pharmacy, admitted he was a bit taken aback when representatives of a Billings vete + 219 more characters
I thought the topic was how government was failing to do its job by caring for the most vulnerable among us. Government is not about cutting taxes. It is about providing services.
If you have a better date than an entire year, I can look it up. Otherwise, I will just make a note and when I come across it, let you know.
And the owners are quite sure their kind, gentle dogs would never do this. They used to paintball them in the Gallatin Valley and the owners would complain someone had vandalized their dog. Well, thei + 203 more characters
The 1918-1919 pandemic lead to huge advances in public health. Fortunately for us, the current administration would like to take us back to the Dark Ages when it comes to healthcare.
My faith in decency is restored! We have hope to toss out all the current greedy perverts who are determined to destroy the country I love. I am SO HAPPY today.
L.P. named U. S. council chief. No last name. We all knew who L P was in 1967.
Yup, we are all poor because of our drinking and womanizing. The working hard for our entire adult lives while trying desperately to save a few pennies here and there proves we are lazy. We should hav + 86 more characters
If the poor starve or die or freeze because they can't afford food or heat or medical care, why should Republicans care? As long as the rich get richer, all is right in Republicanland.
Doing Stardust. Nov. 30, 1992, political cartoon of a GOP elephant being dragged reluctantly by rats into Fundamentalist Christian Mission. "Jeez, what on earth is happening to me," asked the elephant + 50 more characters
Some folks were rejoicing that Daines was hesitating but I knew it was all political theatre. Our economy will collapse shortly. Damn.
Now, now. They are also happy to invest in themselves and their rich friends. If they take all the money out of the economy and reduce us to third world status -- and we getting closer every day -- th + 27 more characters
CBC kept many a family from starving during the Depression. Horses are livestock, not pets. I'll eat anything if the sauce is tasty.
What we all expected with Republicans in charge.
Call the school district office at 406-234-3840. I live one block from Lincoln Elementary but have never noticed a school-based program. Where you live will determine where your kid goes to school. Yo + 65 more characters
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