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When I heard about the phone booth, all I could think of was Maxwell Smart!
He was a lovely person in addition to being a true statesman.
I can never tell you what is going on today but I'm great about what is happening in the past!
From the April 9, 1918 Miles City Daily Star: Sharp Nose, the aged Cheyenne Indian who was run over last Friday by an automobile died yesterday morning at the Miles City hospital. Sharp Nose was 70 ye + 445 more characters
Conservatives hate public education because it makes it harder to keep the masses ignorant. Rich people who can afford private education may be educated but poor people have to be kept down and keepin + 46 more characters
45 minutes to get to the Trail's Inn. I bunged up my knee and will only be there in spirit but my heart will be marching in the sunshine.
Them Bonines sure is bakers. Members of the Prairie Scooters 4-H Club met Saturday in conjunction with the 21st annual Cookie Cook-off. Winners were Megan MacNeil, Gary Bonine, Brian Bonine, Ann Hanso + 20 more characters
It's funny because some of the weather guys in Miles City stopped to figure out it would take 108°F day to bring up the average. It's meant to be funny more than anything else. And, yes, it helps conf + 103 more characters
The schools all need money just to pay the bills. Who cares about anything as ridiculous as ribbons when they may have to give up sports completely because of funding shortages. Teachers are paid crap + 160 more characters
Karen Stevenson tells the story of being told to leave town due to her "trousers" in her presentation. I will ask her what her source was.
The ticket machine was down and it was the first time since we got the ability to sell tickets at concession so it was confusing. I don't know if they dedicated one machine to tickets and one to conce + 121 more characters
I have put on so much weight this winter and now my plans for a spring diet are shot. Darn you, you tempting Methodists.
The city plowed South Lake and now there is a better than one foot drop off between Dickinson and Lake. Bit of cliff to navigate.
According to the Florida legislature, gun violence is NOT a public health issue but pornography is? When was the last time 17 people were slaughtered by dirty pictures? What the intercourse is wrong w + 457 more characters
In 1943, Ollie was one of the participants in the tournament. I have never heard of Ollie and I know where Mildred and Paris and Thebes, Montana, were.
I am offended that I can not express my second amendment rights when I visit DC. If I try to enter the White House or the Capitol building or a Congressional office building I have to go through a met + 242 more characters
His beer hall finally succumbed to neglect and age about two years ago.
Mine went out sometime last night. I don't know for certain when because my plug-in clocks all have battery backup but the microwave didn't know the time when I got up this morning. House is chilly bu + 16 more characters
url Check out today's episode.
Democrats need to stop being such petty children. If your preferred candidate doesn't win the nomination, don't sulk and stay home. If you have to sully yourself by voting for a less than perfect cand + 192 more characters
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