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Mrs. Jessie Haynes entertained a group of children in honor of her son Otis, who was celebrating his seventh birthday. Guests included Lucille Bossler, Judy Herrick, Joan Haftle, Bobby Bennett, Charle + 623 more characters
Check out what they are doing to the old Little Ceaser's /Muds n Suds building. Going to be a fancy cake shop.
Two days. He did it with a bunch of spray paint, a piece of cardboard in one hand, and drew it freehand in one single weekend!!!!!
Basically, it will be fire season until it gets cold enough to freeze flames.
200,000 acres. 0% containment. Sales yard in Miles City and Morford Trucking have been arranging to take supplies to fire fighters.
The Star is not on-line. I will try to look up and see if the paper ran an obituary.
Check with the National Weather Service. Yes, they are all science and reality based but they also have satellites and are tracking plumes from fires all over the place. And no relief in site.
We thought Miles City was perfect but the HoF folks aren't really so much into building an actual PLACE as raising money. They were quite obnoxious when our delegation made a presentation saying they + 102 more characters
When the water comes out of the faucet warm enough to bathe in, you know it is HOT.
And we have at least another 10 days of triple digit heat and NO moisture. I'm dying. ETA: Actually I'm playing video games where it is either pouring rain or snowing. [Edited by Amorette Allison (7/8 + 18 more characters
TEN DAYS of triple digits with nights "cooling" to the high sixties and low seventies. I hope my air conditioners last. Yikes. There was a time when me in short shorts and a tied shirt was kind of sex + 150 more characters
I took it directly from the Miles City Star. That's what I do. I read old issues of the Star and quote from them in a column called Stardust that runs daily in the Miles City Star. I did NOT post this + 274 more characters
Montana said "NO." And don't you just love tRumpet using the word "integrity" like he knows what it means?
Ironic, isn't it?
And as we all know, the city threw the thing out. Too bad.
Science and knowledge scare conservatives. They are all about ignorance. Bring back the Dark Ages and the feudal system and then they'll be happy.
How come people think government is supposed to make a profit? I thought the whole purpose of government was to provide services that private businesses wouldn't provide because those services don't m + 494 more characters
A drunk ran into Jim Michel's Case tractor parked in front of Parker's Bar and probably finished it off.
Weather today is picture perfect, too!
Food court is setting up on South Eighth. Everyone braced and ready for it?!
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RE: Ripe apricots 18 days ago
You are SO welcome. Still a few higher up for people with ladders or basketball players.
Ripe apricots 19 days ago
Back yard of of 402 South Lake, Come in through the alley and take as many as you like. Tree is covered and we can't eat them all.